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Dice Forge

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Greetings, mortal!  You have ascended into the divine realms, and here, among the celestial islands, your mettle shall be tested with the utmost rigor. Only the mightiest heroes shall pass all challenges and craft their own destiny, rising to become a demigod.

Dice Forge is a board game that challenges you to harness your powers and challenge other players in a battle for dominance. During the game, your dice provide the resources you need, but throughout the game, you’ll change your dice, snapping new faces on and improving your chances of claiming victory. When the gods call an end to your contest, the player with the most glory wins the game.

Every player begins the game with two dice, and these dice are the primary way that you will gain more resources—gold, sun shards, and moon shards.

At the beginning of the game, your dice are weak, providing very small benefits. As the game goes on, however, you’ll have the chance to improve your dice.

Two actions: Visiting the Temple and Accomplishing Heroic Deeds - are the heart of a game of Dice Forge.
On your turn, you’ll only be able to perform one of these actions, but you can gain the power to perform an additional action by paying two sun shards. In a game that only lasts nine or ten rounds, an additional action can have a huge impact, so you’ll need to carefully weigh how to spend your shards and your actions.

The capricious gods have granted you the right to perform for their amusement, and perhaps, if you prove victorious, you may even join them in the divine realm. Choose your destiny and craft your dice in every game of Dice Forge!

Players: 2 - 4
Ages: 10+
Playing time: 40 minutes
BGG page:

  • One temple board
  • One island board
  • 96 cards
  • One round tracker
  • Eight dice and 108 die faces
  • Four hero inventories and four hero pawns
  • 20 resource markers
  • 25 tokens
  • Rules