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Discover: Lands Unknown

535 SEK
You awaken with a splitting headache and no idea how you got here. The wilderness stretches in every direction, and something howls in the distance. Your quest for answers will have to wait; first, you need to survive. 

Whether you're playing by yourself or with up to four players, your ultimate goal in Discover: Lands Unknown is to survive—but your adventure holds many of its own secrets. As a Unique Game, every copy of Discover: Lands Unknown is unlike any other in the world. The unique mix of environments, characters, storylines, items, and enemies in each copy of Discover means that your own adventures will play out very differently than your friend's copy of the game. No matter where you find yourself, you'll need to survive and uncover the reasons why you've awoken, trapped in the wilderness. Whether survival means cooperation or competition is completely up to you!

Discover: Lands Unknown is a new adventure from Fantasy Flight Games as one of their first Unique Games. What is a Unique Game? In a nutshell, it's an entirely new type of game! Unique Games can take many different forms, but they share one thing in common—every copy of the game is unique. The copy that you pick up off the shelf will have different components than the copy your friend gets at their store.

While mechanics and some common components like meeples will be the same in every copy of the game, the vast majority of the cards, tiles, and tokens in your box will be randomized, selected from a vast pool of possible components. When you open your copy of Discover: Lands Unknown, you can never be sure what you'll find inside, and the combination will be different from every other copy in the world. In other words, Unique Games aren't like Legacy Games, which start with identical components, but become unique through gameplay. Unique Games have their own distinct mix of components in every box!

Everything that you encounter on your adventure, from your pool of survivors, to the enemies that you encounter, to the tools at your disposal, to the very environment itself, can be changed, with every copy of Discover: Lands Unknown presenting an experience unique to you. While some groups will find themselves marooned on a desolate island with mysterious creatures roaming the night, others may be trapped in the mountains, just trying to stay warm enough to survive.  

Like the survivors you'll be playing as, you know that you need to escape… you're just not sure how. In each game of Discover, you'll play a scenario in your own evolving story, drawing your next objectives from quest cards. These quest cards will give you short term goals essential to your survival—the longer you survive, the more likely you'll find a way home.

 Working together with other players, you can complete objectives quickly, but when water is short and creatures stalk the night, isn't it every survivor for themselves? Every copy of the game comes with multiple scenarios, so like many of the components found in Discover, you never know what quests you will find in your adventure!

If you're going to survive the terrors of night in the wilds, you and your companions will have to gather resources, craft items, and search for a way home during the day. During the safety of the day, you'll spend stamina on your turn to perform different actions. You may wander across the wilderness, gather resources, collect water, fight enemies, discover new areas, and more!

Survivors can explore as much as they want during the day, but every action drains your survivor’s stamina, and if your survivor can't continue on, your turn is over, right where you stand. You must carefully weigh the consequences of your actions: exploring is important, but if you end your turn away from the safety of a campfire, you leave yourself exposed to the harsh conditions of the night.

You must explore the wilderness to escape, but danger waits around every corner. While you may find items essential to your survival during your adventure, but you may also find dangerous enemies, ready to attack! The call of the wild is alluring, and even more so when survival is on the line. Do you have what it takes to find a way home?

Players: 1 - 4
Ages: 12+
Playing Time: 1 - 2 hours