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X-Wing: Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit

95 SEK

Each Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit offers three sculpted plastic shells for your squadron’s maneuver dials. To use one of these plastic shells, you simply take the cardboard maneuver dial token that shows a ship’s maneuvers and insert it into the plastic housing. Once situated, you can push the plastic maneuver selection marker into place, and you’re ready to take your ship into any interstellar dogfight with confidence.  

These plastic maneuver dials have been specially designed to ensure the greatest usability. To begin with, each plastic maneuver dials allows you to clearly see all of your possible maneuvers at once. No longer will you have to rotate through your entire dial if you want to see all of your ship’s available maneuvers—you can simply take it all in at a glance.

In addition, each upgraded maneuver dial features a space on the back for you to insert a dial ID token, showing a silhouette of the corresponding ship and clearly distinguishing which dial belongs to which ship.

Protect your maneuver dials from harm at every dogfight. Your opponent will know that you’re ready for action when you protect your ships with plastic maneuver dials!