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The night is cold and dark. It’s hard to see where you are or where you’ve been. “A road trip gone awry” is a charitable description of the world you and your friends find yourself trapped in.

No one will ever believe you. This kind of stuff only happens in movies, Right?

Well, tell that to the man with the axe whose been stalking you. Tell that to your friend who had to dodge his blade, or maybe that was just a mage messing with your mind.

In Nyctophobia, you will attempt to outrun and outsmart an axe murderer or mage who is hunting you. Player’s must blindly navigate it, all while trying to find their car and get out of the forest alive.

A team of up to 4 players will wear blackout glasses and try and take on the single player taking ont he role of the hunter. The Twist? Only the Hunter can see what’s going on around them. The Hunted players will have the navigate the board through touch and memory only!

Players: 3 - 5

Ages: 9+
Playing Time: 30 - 45 minutes