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The Investigators of Arkham Horror Premium Edition

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Discover the hidden secrets of the investigators who risk everything to save humanity and enjoy the deepest possible immersion into the Arkham Horror Files setting with The Investigators of Arkham Horror Premium!

The focal point of this Premium edition is its hardbound copy of The Investigators of Arkham Horror, a lavishly illustrated, 264-page collection of short stories that follow the lives and struggles of fifty-two different characters from the beloved board game Arkham Horror. Additionally, The Investigators of Arkham Horror Pre-Order Premium includes a collection of exclusive materials that further explore those parts of our reality that lie outside of what our senses and science can perceive:

  • An exclusive playmat featuring the boundless and chaotic Ancient One known as Azathoth, with art by Brian Valenzuela.
  • Four high-quality art prints, measuring 12" by 18", with bone-chilling work by Adam S. Doyle, Tomasz Jedruszek, and Magali Villeneuve.
  • Three preview cards for Arkham Horror: The Card Game —a Marie Lambeau investigator card and her two signature cards. These allow you to enjoy the game as Marie Lambeau prior to the investigator's normal release.

Altogether, The Investigators of Arkham Horror Premium is the closest you can come to testing your sanity through struggles with cultists and monsters in the back streets, abandoned mansions, and cellars of Arkham.