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X-Wing Maneuver Templates (7 different colours!)

200 SEK
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Bust your moves in style using Escapade's maneuver templates for X-Wing Miniatures Game!

Made of acrylic and featuring clear and beautiful symbols, these templates will give you precision in tense dogfights.

The Straight 1 and Straight 2 also features small holes for the guides to help proxying ships when things get tight, a very useful feature as experienced players know.

Available in 7 different colours: 

Blue (semi transparent)

Green (semi transparent)

Red (semi transparent)

Orange (neon, highly transparent)

Pink (neon, highly transparent )

Yellow (neon, highly transparent)

Clear (Totaly transparent)

Made in Sweden!

(The beautiful X-Wing ships in the pictures are painted by award winning miniatures painter Johan Hall. Check out his work here: )